It is approximately two hours by car from Tokyo, arriving at the southern country resort of the sea and the mountain.



〒 294 – 0307

Chiba prefecture Tateyama City wave no guesthouse 588 West Peninsula Hotel

TEL: 0470295558

Reception hours 10:00 ~ 18:00


Every half an hour from Tokyo station, a high-speed bus goes to Tateyama station approximately every hour from Shinjuku station. 
Tokyo station ⇔ Tateyama station (approximately 1 hour 50 minutes), Shinjuku station ⇔ Tateyama station (approximately 1 hour 40 minutes)
* Arrival time changes according to traffic conditions. 
Takushi from Tateyama Station, it is a 15-minute drive away. 
On the local route bus, it is a 2-minute walk from the “Hasama” stop

By car
Narita Airport~Tomiura Interchange〜Hotel2:00 (approx.)
Haneda Airport~Tomiura Interchange〜Hotel1:15 (approx.)
Tokyo~Tomiura Interchange〜Hotel1:50 (approx.)
By bus
Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit~Tateyama Station1:50
Shinjuku~Tateyama Station1:40
Yokohama~Tateyama Station1:30
Chiba~Tateyama Station1:40
Tateyama Station~Hasama+25 minutes
 ※ Nearest bus stop 
By train(Tokyo~Tateyama Station)
Bōsō Express Train Sazanami2:00 (approx.)
JR Uchibō Line2:00 (approx.)