We opened this business to showcase the wonderful sea and mountains of the Tateyama Nishi Cape area to as many people as possible.

West Peninsula Hotel is fully membership based resort.

· All rooms ocean view 
· Ocean view bath (hot-spring ownership) 
· Italian restaurant (Penisola) 
· Night club (Club 33) 
· Pool bar (Stix) 
· Weatherproof type BBQ area 

and plentiful facilities, You can enjoy your time. 

The West Peninsula Hotel is located at the tip of Boso Peninsula, surrounded by a calm sea called Miura (Tateyama port) and Hirasandura facing the famous Pacific Ocean even surfing. 

It is also a very abundant fishing ground due to the Kuroshio Current, and thanks to the Kuroshio Current, the summer is cool and it is a place where it is easy to spend warm and warm time. 
Thanks to this climate we can harvest rich variety of vegetables and fruits anytime of the year, and enjoy it throughout the year. 

From the concept of growing roots in this area, when entering the hotel, two large pillars and tree objects will appear. 
You can see a variety of woodgrain designs inside the hall, and tropical furniture using hyacinth will appear in the room. 

In order not to get tired of customers, we have changed all the combination of the design and material of the ceiling, wall, floor of the room (all 15 rooms). All the rooms are equipped with floor heating + air conditioning and can be comfortable. 

By thinking of membership system, we believe that we can make the satisfying service possible by closing the distance between the customer and our staff closer and responding to various requests.

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