Job Requirements

West Peninsula Hotel is a fully-subscribed hotel located in the Cape Creek Cape Area operated by I Broadcast Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shimogishi Tokyo).

The customer has many legal members, all rooms are luxuriously created with ocean view & sweet room size, and in Italian restaurants in the hotel, also the main ingredients also offer dishes made with grass and vegetables on the ground We are.

We are pleased to enjoy this wonderful Cape Cape area more and more, we also have hotel facilities as well as advanced products available.

Our company is active with local revitalization and employment creation in mind in this area, especially we are looking for talented people from the village nearby.

It is a company that is passionate about developing young staff.

We hope that you will be able to provide excellent service to many of the people visiting this wonderful place by increasing the experience value as a staff at this hotel.

Let ‘s create a wonderful work with us.

New graduates, No experience required

> Hotel and restaurant staff (full time employee)


> Hotel and restaurant staff (full time employee)

> Golf Academy / Staff (full time employee)